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Teeth Whitening

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One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in our office is teeth whitening. It is an economical and convenient way to enhance your smile. You won't have to worry about harsh chemicals chewing away tooth enamel, or exposure to dangerous UV rays. Dr. Jones is dedicated to safe, healthy, biologic dentistry. Instead of the super-strength chemicals and controversial activation lights used for "1 hour whitening," he uses a gentler at-home method.

Dr. Jones calls this the slow method, even though it only takes a couple of weeks to get great results. It is slow, as in gradual, and totally controlled by the patient. Your teeth will lighten a little bit every day, until the desired results are achieved. You can stop at any time, call us if you have any problems, and touch-up as needed.

The first step is taking impressions of upper and lower arches. We will make your customized trays here in our lab. The bleaching trays keep the gel where it belongs – on your teeth, not on your gums. Custom trays are important, because if it doesn't fit right, it is likely to leak.

We have several types of whitening gel available, because every patient is different. Dr. Jones will choose the best one, depending on what type of stains you have, and what you are hoping to achieve. We will explain how to use the whitening system, and ask you to call us if you have any questions or problems. With our gentle system sensitivity rarely occurs, but if it does happen, just give us a call. We have some special gels, designed for just this situation.

Your brighter smile may last from several months to a year or more. This depends largely on your lifestyle and eating habits. Drinking through a straw, good oral hygiene, and regular dental visits help teeth stay bright. Things like tobacco, red wine, coffee, and tea will make your teeth darken faster. With our convenient, gentle system, you can keep your trays, and some gel on hand. Whenever your teeth start looking dingy, you can do a touch-up without even coming to the office.

If you want to see a healthy, sparking white smile in the mirror every morning, call Social Circle Dental at (770) 464-1900 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones.

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