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Root Canals

Dr Jones and his staff are wonderful! I drive over 4 hrs just to have them take care of me and the family. He is great!
Having a root canal is very similar to getting a filling, except it takes more time because there is more to be done. When a tooth is filled, we remove the decay and replace it with a biocompatible filling material. For root canal therapy, we also need to remove infection and damaged tissue inside of the tooth. Then it is filled and sealed.

Depending on the situation, Dr. Jones may treat your tooth here in our office, or refer you to a specialist. Sometimes the canals are difficult to see, making it hard to tell if all of the infection has been removed. Dr. Jones will not risk your health by using "guesswork." He works with an experienced specialist who has special tools and magnification, for reliable results in these complex cases.

Whether your root canal procedure is done here or at our specialist's office, the area will be thoroughly numbed, for your comfort. Most patients feel nothing at all. Some say that they can feel the doctor working on their tooth, but it is not painful. Actually, a root canal procedure can stop the pain of chronic toothaches, abscessed teeth, and sensitivity.

We provide prescription antibiotics, as a precaution, and give you pain medication in case there is any soreness. After the root canal, we'll need to put a crown on that tooth, to make sure it doesn't fracture. Most patients tell us they were surprised to find out it really is like getting a filling.

Even though we make sure the procedure is comfortable, we understand that nobody wants a root canal. That is one of the reasons to come in for regular checkups. We watch for any signs of problems, so we can get them taken care of before you are in pain, and before you need a root canal.

You might think you would know if your tooth was decayed enough for the nerve in the middle to become damaged. But sometimes the decay is behind an old crown or filling, where you don't even see it. Sometimes decay isn't the problem at all. You can have fractures in your teeth, from things like metal fillings or old injuries, and never even know it.

If your teeth are causing you pain (or if they don't hurt, and you want to keep it that way) call Social Circle Dental at (770) 464-1900 and schedule an appointment.

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