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Dentist Social Circle - You Put What In My Mouth Video
  • Rating: 5Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews

    Dr. Don Jones Reviewed by Kimberly M. Facebook User
    Dr. Jones and his staff are awesome!! I am so thankful I found a dentist that is concerned for the welfare of his patients and willing to take mercury out of fillings with the correct protocol recommended by many. The knowledge and High Tech State of the Art Dentistry is comforting as well as the relaxed friendly atmosphere. Thanks so much worth the drive for my entire family.
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Anonymous This was my second visit to your office and I was skeptical at first because I have been through a lot of not so good dentists, so after my current insurance provider dropped my last dentist I was seriously considering not going to the dentist anymore( I know bad idea!!) But then my wife found social circle dental. She went first to get a crown and really loved the whole staff. Dr. Jones is a perfectionist and will get your teeth looking and feeling good. He does not employ pressure sales like so many of my former dentists have done. He will simply tell you what needs to be done and will let you the patient decide. All of the office staff and the girls are great!! So far I love it and would highly recommend social circle dental!!
    ~ Anonymous
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Mark.M They are so awesome!! :) amazing atmosphere!! Thank y'all so much! ~ Mark.M
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by L.Bosley Dr Jones and his staff are wonderful! I drive over 4 hrs just to have them take care of me and the family. He is great! ~ L.Bosley
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Julie C. Dr. Jones is a dentist that cares about his clients. He believes in saving your teeth. Sometimes that is a job. He believes a dentist should put the child first and not the insurance company. With agencies, they dont believe that you should do a root canal and put a crown on a tooth instead, pull the tooth and get a false tooth to replace it. That should have gone out with the horse and buggy. Nevertheless, thank goodness, there are still good dentist like Dr. Jones, who work with his patience. Making sure, he gives them the best possible care he can. ~ Julie C.
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by W.J.Flynn While looking for a dentist one of the main things I noticed about Dr Jones was his attention to detail and my personal comfort.He explained exactly what would be needed on my part and what he planned for my best interest.I can thank God for meeting him and his awesome staff ~ W.J.Flynn
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Jillian G. Dr. Jones and his staff truly care about the overall health of their patients! He offers the best and safest dental materials and procedures with all the friendly warmth that you could expect in a small town! He replaced my amalgam fillings with great care and expertise! I highly recommend Social Circle Dental! ~ Jillian G.
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Jillian G. God led me to Dr. Jones and his awesome staff because I wanted my mercury fillings removed and he is so skilled in this procedure! You feel God's presence while there as you hear praise songs flowing through the speakers. Julie, Misty, and Melissa are so sweet and God's love flows through them as they serve you. Dr. Jones and his staff care about our dental health and it shows. I highly recommend Social Circle Dental and hope you will, too! ~ Allison B.
  • Dentist Social Circle - Five Star Reviews by Hannah J. Super dentist. Really cares, listens and addresses my concerns. Gives me choices, and will discuss his recommendations. ~ Hannah J.

Biological Dentistry Services in Social Circle, GA

It used to be that if you needed a cavity filled, you went to a dentist, and he filled the cavity. Alternatively, perhaps your gums were bleeding, so you went to a dentist to have them checked out. Dentists were concerned with the health of your mouth and offered the best care to ensure you had healthy teeth, gums, and tissue inside the mouth.

In recent years, however, studies have shown that connections exist between the health of the mouth and the health of the body. Some dental problems are actually risk factors of medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and strokes. Because there appears to be such a strong connection, Dr. Don Jones believes that the philosophy of biological dentistry is important. His skills, experience, and gentle manner have provided patients with excellent results for more than 35 years.

Biological dentistry includes several distinctions not found in general dentistry. Namely, professionals committed to biological dentistry go above and beyond current safety and health guidelines and use only the safest and most biocompatible materials and techniques to treat their patients.

For example, Social Circle Dental only uses mercury-free materials. Mercury is a metal that has been used in many fillings for many years. However, using these fillings exposes the patient to increased levels of mercury. Dr. Jones will not use materials that include even the smallest amount of mercury. Additionally, he is skilled at removing mercury fillings should a patient choose to replace them. Removing mercury fillings takes special steps and precision to be sure that the patient or dental team is not exposed to the mercury vapors.

If you're looking for a dentist who cares about the health of your entire body and who believes in finding the least invasive approach to your dental treatment, call Dr. Don Jones of Social Circle Dental to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jones provides a wide variety of dental services and has a wealth of experience in preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. He will work with you to ensure that you have the best treatment path to getting, or keeping, a happy and healthy smile.
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