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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Jones is a dentist that cares about his clients. He believes in saving your teeth. Sometimes that is a job. Thank goodness there are still good dentist like Dr. Jones, who work with his patience, making sure, he gives them the best possible care he can.
Any dental work that makes your smile more beautiful is called cosmetic dentistry. It can include whitening, bonding, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and more. In our office, cosmetic dentistry is about more than just appearance. Dr. Jones believes in creating smiles that are both beautiful and healthy.

The first step is a complete examination and consultation. This includes an evaluation of your gum health, and x-rays that are needed. The doctor will ask you some questions about your oral health and your cosmetic goals. Be sure to tell him if you are in pain, having difficulty chewing, or have any other dental problems. Clearly explain what you dislike about your smile. For example, do you want to even out teeth, change their color, make them longer?

Dr. Jones takes a whole mouth approach to dentistry, considering all health and cosmetic issues. Sometimes the less visible back teeth need attention first, because they are worn down and uncomfortable. He will devise a treatment plan, and discuss it with you. Some patients want their new smiles in a hurry. Some patients want to break up the treatment into steps for convenience or financial reasons. Dr. Jones will work with you to come up with a solution that is right for your smile, and fits your life.

Cosmetic procedures are done with the same basic step-by-step approach that Dr. Jones uses in all dentistry. The first step is to get you out of pain, if anything is hurting. The second step is to get your gums healthy. A healthy mouth is the foundation for a beautiful smile. It is also important for maintaining a healthy body.

Cosmetic dentistry can be life changing. Dr. Jones has many patients tell him that they have always wanted nice smiles, and they are pleasantly surprised when they see their gorgeous new smiles! He has been creating dazzling smiles since 1976, and he loves the artistic aspect of his work. He understands that the smallest details in planning your smile, and fabricating restorations, can make the difference between a nice smile and a stunning smile.

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful smile? Call Social Circle Dental at (770) 464-1900 and let Dr. Jones make your dreams come true!

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