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What is CEREC? It is advanced dental technology, designed to make your life easier. With this system, we can make dental crowns right here in our office, so you don't have to wait for a laboratory.

The process starts with digital impressions. Many patients don't like the gooey material that impressions are made of, or they find the trays uncomfortable. For CEREC crowns, all we have to do is take some pictures! The crown is designed on the computer, using special software and three-dimensional images of your teeth.

This design is sent to a milling machine, right here in our office – not to an outside laboratory. The crown is made from a solid block of high quality porcelain material. The digital process is very accurate, for a great fitting, long-lasting restoration. With CEREC, you can get a crown placed, start-to-finish, in just one appointment.

This single visit dentistry approach is convenient for you in several ways. Obviously, it saves you the time of making a second (and sometimes third) office visit. It also means that you won't have to wear temporary crowns. Many people say that temporaries are uncomfortable, and you have to be careful with them. Because they are designed for easy removal, they can come off when you don't want them to.

Is CEREC right for everyone, every time? No. We can make a good looking, great quality crown for any tooth using this machine. For the front teeth, most people want a great looking, great quality crown. That's when we send out impressions to a laboratory. They have all of the equipment to add the subtle details like depth, and translucent inclusions that give your smile that "wow" look.

On back teeth, there is no noticeable difference in a CEREC crown or one from a lab. These teeth don't show much when you smile, and they are usually the first to wear down or have other problems. The very subtle difference may not be noticeable on some teeth closer to the front of your mouth because they only show a little. Dr. Jones will tell you if there would be any benefit to waiting for a lab. If so, you can choose whether you would rather have your crown finished right now, or take a little extra time for a truly dazzling smile.

Call (770) 464-1900 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jones for your most beautiful, healthy – and convenient – smile!

Patient Testimonial

"Doctor Jones and his staff are professional, courteous and extend more customer service than I believe I've ever seen. I needed a tooth fixed before leaving on an extended trip overseas and while in the office Dr. Jones discovered a damaged crown. He and his assistant stayed quite late to create and install the new crown. I would highly recommend him! He is one if the very few dentists that I fully trust with my dental work."
- C. Johnson
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